Analyzing YOUR Big Data

Analyzing YOUR Big Data

January 20, 2020

Information workers generate, manipulate and share huge amounts of data. Email, files, phone calls, chat, reports, etc. These data accumulate over months and years. It makes perfect sense that we start to expect machine learning to help us make sense of all of that activity, and Microsoft is starting to show some interesting methods to do just that. 


A few years back, Microsoft acquired a company called VoloMetrix, which had created systems to analyze workplace data for the purposes of providing insights to work patterns, and we're now seeing it show up in Microsoft 365 in interesting and helpful ways.


If you're like us, and you like to keep an eye out for the newest things Microsoft is trying, you might have spotted a new app called MyAnalytics. I have to say, I'm very excited by this little fella. Based on your Office 365 data, which for us, is almost everything, it can provide insights on 4 areas:


  • Focus - Do you have time for long/deep work sessions?

  • Wellbeing - How well do you take downtime?

  • Network - How are you working with and how responsive are you?

  • Collaboration - All about meetings


Each of these categories can be drilled in to for some great insights. Here's how my last 4 weeks look at the high level.



This is incredibly useful information, and even includes some recommendations. Here's one where I could do better and I never really considered before: short-notice meeting invitations. Apparently last week I did this several times, and that's not ideal.


Here you can see it recommending a follow-up on what it perceived as a task I took on in an email. I'll take it.


We are all-in on Microsoft, and when this is the case, the benefits really accumulate on this tool. It can review email, file, chat, calls, meetings and paint a really complete picture of your work. Like most AI, the more data you throw at it, the better it gets. Give it a try!


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