Tip: How to Edit Distribution Lists in Office 365

Tip: How to Edit Distribution Lists in Office 365

August 27, 2019


Long time users of Outlook are used to being able to create, maintain and share Personal Email Distribution Lists. This makes sense, and when migrating to Office 365, that functionality disappears.


It can still be done, but it's a completely different process. See our previous post detailing how to create Distribution Lists for detail.


Here is how these are maintained once they're created. It's unfortunately not obvious


1. Ensure you are an Owner of the List

Once the group is created, the admin must make you an Owner of the Distribution List. This can only be done in the Exchange Admin settings by your Administrator or someone that has been granted that special permission.


2. Open Outlook Web Access to Edit

Go to www.office.com, open Outlook, go to settings by clicking the gear icon in the top-right area. Then choose "View all Outlook Settings" down at the bottom.


3. Go to General>Distribution Groups and it should look like this:

(Remember, you need to be an 'Owner' of the list - Ask your Admin) 




When you click the edit on the list, you'll see a screen like this:


Go to Membership and add/remove people. Note that only organizational contacts are available here. Your admin can create this. We're going to show a separate post on how to allow regular users to manage organizational contacts. Subscribe to be notified of new posts.




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