Edge + Chrome

Edge + Chrome

December 10, 2018

Have you actually tried to use the Edge Browser that comes with Windows 10? It's been pushed hard on users for a couple years now, and it's never been finished. It doesn't work, even with many Microsoft administration tools. 


So, it made us very happy to see that they are making an awesome move. They are adopting the Chromium-based web platform. Which essentially means they're going to align their browser with that code that makes the Google Chrome browser work so well. 


This is yet another sign of a mature, realistic and truly


user-focused Microsoft. Under Satya Nadella, they have consistently moved away from strong-arming customers into using their sub-par products in pure Microsoft environments (which do not exist, outside of their ads and demos), into the real world. The real world, where we own iPhones and Android phones, we use gmail and MacBooks.


We have been discouraged by the Balmer-like forceful messages about using Edge baked into Windows 10. We may still see some of that Balmer-Era Microsoft bullying in the operating system, but if they can at least they can follow through with truly great products, such as a Chrome-based Edge browser, it will be a better overall user experience. Maybe they won't even need to trick and force people into using their products.




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