Google's Drive File Streaming is Huge



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Google's Drive File Streaming is Huge

October 4, 2017

We are closely watching as Google works furiously to improve their already excellent G Suite offering. The updates are routine, and it's clear they're based on customer feedback and research.

There is no technology for technology's sake anymore. That doesn't work, not that it ever did. Instead, they are adding practical enhancements to reduce mundane work, such as trying to find files, while increasing your time spent on creativity and collaboration. They are also making it easier to get things done on the go. I personally hate sitting at my desk so embrace mobile-friendly solutions.


An extremely practical upgrade coming later in 2017 and early 2018 is called Drive File Streaming. As an IT manager, giving employees access to their files with the lowest possible friction is fulfilling. However, running a Windows file server inside the network is only low friction when someone is at their desk, inside the office. 


Have you ever emailed yourself a file to avoid fighting with your office's VPN? Me too. Using VPN is generally painful at best.


Drive File Streaming is going to give us the ability to extend Google Drive's robust filing solution to teams, effectively taking on traditional file servers and shared drives. Users are going to have a G drive, and it will be just like a traditional network drive. Nothing new to learn, and now users can access files without VPN.


They can do so from home computers (if you allow it), from phones, tablets, Macs, Chromebooks, etc. Try getting on your team's traditional network drive with your iPhone, I dare you. The simplicity of this solution is a breath of fresh air which I cannot wait to start implementing.


Read all about Drive File Stream and several other major updates here.




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