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Charities - Free Cloud Solutions

December 16, 2016

The opportunities coming for charities and non-profits to take advantage of in cloud computing are significant. Google, Microsoft, Amazon and many others are competing intensely for leadership in cloud computing. They are building massive infrastructure to sell to medium and large organizations and government.


The fantastic news for social organizations is that since it costs the massive technology companies almost nothing to offer these cloud-based solutions to small organizations, they are doing the right thing and giving it away. Completely free. Meaning, no advertising, no bait and switch, no up-selling, just free.


Services offered are basics that every organization needs such as email hosting, file hosting and sharing, and messaging.


Google offered this first, and Microsoft followed. Both solutions are excellent, easy to manage, and cover virtually everything needed for any organization's IT infrastructure.


It is very exciting and will enable the important work of charities to have a greater impact at a drastically lower cost. Now a charity can use exactly the same tools that a Fortune 500 company uses.




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